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  What People Are Saying ABOUT THE BOOK:
Maria Shriver
Former First Lady of California, Journalist, Author, Healthcare Activist
Chris has worked with me and my family for a number of years. Based on my positive experience with Chris as a healthcare professional and master healer, I invited Chris to introduce Qigong to the Special Olympics. He hosted Qigong workshops that helped athletes and their families decrease stress while increasing focus and performance.  Today, I'm so proud of Chris for winning the Special Olympics Volunteer of the Year Award! Chris is a master healer featured regularly on MariaShriver.com.

"All the practices you need to begin your study of Qigong"
"I love as you go deeper into the book, you learn which elemental healing to focus on."
Yvette, Qigong student, reader
& clinic client
"My neck was in terrible pain. I was told I needed surgery. After one hour  of Qigong,  three herniated disks were repaired."
"Mr. Shelton used Qigong to fix me. I'd never done Qigong before and the practice(s) are really cool!"
Mike Kroger, bass player for Nickelback
"Qigong helped me learn how emotions affect specific  organs."
"Learning about Qigong really helped me become more aware & mindful of my body."
Christine, Qigong student, reader & clinic client 
Improve The Quality Of Your Life By Learning Qigong 
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 No matter how sick you are.
 No matter how injured you are.
 No matter how stressed out and burned out you are.
Qigong CAN restore wellness to your mind, body and spirit.
Hi, my name is Chris Shelton and I tried everything to get rid of my physical and emotional pain.

Years ago I suffered a spinal injury.
Doctors told me I'd never walk again.
They recommended surgery, pills and lifelong rehab.
What they didn't tell me?
Surgery didn't mean I'd walk again.
Pills didn't mean the pain would go away.
And follow-up medical treatment like rehab would probably bankrupt me!
Crazy world, right?

But I have some REALLY good news for you.
As you can see, I'm walking again.
My spinal injury is healed.
My chronic pain is gone.
My emotional torment is over.
Without surgery.
Without pills.
Without going broke.
Looking back, I am grateful for my pain and suffering.
Feeling that bad and broken introduced me to something that saved my life.

Add Years To Your Life By Learning Qigong 
Qigong For Self Refinement 
Ancient Secrets For Improving Your Health and Vitality...
Inside This NEWLY UPDATED Edition:
 Here Are Just a Few of the Ancient Secrets Revealed In Your Qigong Book...
  • ​Looking for natural remedies to reduce stress? Learn how an imbalance in your heart can cause palpitations, mental fogginess and low/high blood pressure… p. 36
  •  Pick up natural tools that have helped thousands of my clients lose weight by eliminating cravings and late-night eating… p. 44 
  •  Learn how strengthening your kidneys increases your immunity and decreases your chances of catching the common cold… p. 50  
  •  Are you aging faster than you'd like? Slow down hair loss, memory loss, bone degeneration, weight gain and more … p.55 
  •  Increase your sex drive and sexual attractiveness using a few simple exercises and visualization meditations… p.58 
  •  Are you waking up in the middle of the night? Learn simple practices that get you to sleep and stay asleep all night… p.66   
  •  Discover what blurry vision and eye floaters REALLY mean... p.71
  •  Increase your fertility (male and female) so you can make a baby and/or just have more great sex...  p. 75
  •  Customize your fitness training and food plan based on your elemental body profile so you look and feel good faster... p.80
  •  Learn how detoxifying your liver also helps you detoxify from anger, depression and low energy... p.91 
Benefits of Qigong
  • Loosens Muscles
  •  Builds Power
  •  Strengthens Organs
  •  Slows Respiration
  •  Strengthens Nerves
  •  Builds Bone Density
  •  Prevents Joint Injury
  •  Reduces Stress
  •  Strengthens Ligaments
  •  Destroys Free Radicals
  •  Increases Injury Recovery
  •  Decreases Stress
  •  Balances Emotions
  •  Improves Circulation
  •  Prevents Muscular Spasms
  •  Reduces Pain
  • Lowers Heart Rate
  •  Normalizes EKG
  •  Lowers Blood Pressure
  •  Improves Asthma
  •  Relieves Bronchitis
  •  Builds Immune System
  •  Relieves Migraines
  •  Increases Mental Clarity
  • Decrease Stroke Risk
  •  Improves Skin Elasticity
  •  Improves Posture
  •  Improves Flexibility
  •  Increases Balance
  •  Improves Memory
  •  Aides in Digestion
  •  Improves Kidney Function
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